Wildlife at Franklin Hot Springs

This is the perfect place to take your camera and snap some photos of wildlife. Franklin Hot Springs has been home to many forms of wildlife since it was filled in the 1960’s. A self prapagating eco-system, Franklin Hot Springs continues to provide habitat for many animals and birds in the Paso Robles region.

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Birds, Fish, Animals, and More…


Enjoy some time watching birds around Franklins. Franklin is home to many different birds every year. A pair of Canadian Geese find it every year and hatch their gosslings. Pairs of Killdeer search the ponds edge for food. Red-winged Black Birds sing among the reeds and pussy willows. Cinnamon Teal Ducks, Mallards, and other wild ducks find Franklins as a safe place to raise their young. An occasional Bald Eagle will make its way over the pond looking for fish and prey.


Franklin Hot Springs was stocked in the 70’s with an assortment of fish and water life. Today the pond is self progagating and self sustaining. Largemouth Bass, Black Crappie, Channel Catfish, Bluegill, Turtles, and Bull Frogs are a few types of aquatic life that you will find.

We encourage catch and release of all big bass. Largemouth bass have been caught in the 7.5 lb. range. There is a fish in the pond that keeps breaking fisherman’s lines!


The small lake is a watering hole for a number of predators and prey. The pond houses a family of beavers who continue to build dams whereever the water flows. Coyotes, Mountain Lions, and Foxes use the pond as a watering hole. Deers frequent the pond at night. Muskrats, mice, squirrels, rabbits, and other prey are careful to not become a quick meal.

At times the hot springs operates on the “honor” system. If you enter Franklin Hot Springs, you are expected to pay the entrance fee. You will find a can at the entrance of the pool to deposit your money.

Great White Egret hunting along the edge of Franklin Hot Springs
Great White Egret looking for fish and prey along the shores.

Beaver, Animlas at a Paso Robles Hot Spring
California Beaver

Cinnamon Teal Duck, Water Fowl at a Paso Robles Hot Spring
Cinnamon Teal Duck

Great White Egret, Water Fowl at a Paso Robles Hot Spring
Great White Egret in Flight

Killdeer, Water Fowl at a Paso Robles Hot Spring

Canadian Geese and Gosslings, Water Fowl at a Paso Robles Hot Spring
Canadian Geese & Gosslings

Red Winged Black Bird at Franklin Hot Springs
Red-winged Blackbirds